Another Nollywood Marriage Crash?

All is not well with the Nollywood Actor,It seems His marriage is about to crash. FB_IMG_1529666187535.jpg

George Idoniboye posted this on His Facebook page…..

*Pitakwa boi*

Pitakwa leeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh, chaiiiiiiiii

Nollywood Actor, Mike Ezuruonye Set To Divorce Wife For Giving Birth To An Albino
Rumor has it that Popular Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye is about to divorce his beautiful wife Nkechi, who he had allegedly abandoned abroad for about a year now all because she gave birth to a second child who is an albino.
Rumor mongers say, he claims there is no albino in his lineage, therefore the child might not be his, and he requested for a DNA but his wife felt insulted and refused. .

The soo cute albino baby has never seen what her daddy looks like cos he has signed out emotionally and otherwise from the marriage.
The light skinned actor allegedly only calls his lovely looking first fruit on the phone and does not bother about anyone else. Source reports.
What do you think guys?

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