What Oshiomole Must Do To Succeed: Saraki’s Speech At APC Congress

*What Oshiomole Must Do To Succeed: Saraki’s Speech At APC Congress*

I want to first of all thank Chief Oyegun for the period as chairman. You provided a leadership for this party. I congratulate you and we all wish you a great success ahead in whatever you’re going to do.

How were we able to win an election against all source of opposition? We did it because we’re courageous. We did it because we had leadership led by the President. We did it because we came together and united with a focus and a direction. We did it because we had sacrifices. We worked as a team and we put it together and we delivered. That is what we did to make this achievement.

Can we do it again? Of course we can. Do we have challenges? Of course we do. We do have those challenges but the responsibility of leadership is to tackle challenges and take a head-on. It is irresponsible of leadership not to take on challenges and find solutions.

Mr. Chairman, you’ve spoken so well because you’ve admitted there are challenges but you said, which I must praise, that immediately you’ll set to work and address those challenges.

As full as this place is, there are those who should be here who are not. We need everybody. We want everybody so that we can carry on with the assignment that Nigerians have given us. I say this with all sense of responsibility… with all sense of focus that the intention of all of us is to make Nigeria better. The intention of all of us is to move Nigeria forward.

Mr. Chairman, I have a lot of confidence in you. I’ve worked with you many years. You have a lot of work before you. The work has been cut short, and I know you have the capacity to do it. The capacity to do it is to make sure that we stamp out injustice. We bring respect to all of us and we bring us all together to work as a team. If you do that, I’m sure that you’ll see success.

I congratulate all… all the delegates that have made it to this congress. I congratulate you all, and let us wish a greater future.

Long live our great party.
Long live Nigeria.
Long live all of us.

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