A Young Man Has Been Caught Red-Handed On Camera Stealing An Expensive MacBook From A Shop In Lagos.


CCTV Catches Young Man Red-handed Stealing Computer From A Shop At Computer Village (Video)
Posted by Samuel on Wed 11th Jul, 2018 – tori.ng

A video has shown the moment a young man was caught on camera stealing from a shop in Lagos.

The unidentified man reportedly committed the offence yesterday.

In the video, the unnamed man is seen standing beside another man apparently making inquiries from a shop attendant who is out of sight in the footage. While still talking with the shop attendant, he is seen stretching out his hand and grabbing the MacBook from a shelf to his right.

Seeing that he has not been noticed, he quickly stuffs the computer inside his underpants and then went back to acting normal like nothing happened.

Shortly after he walks out of the door.

The incident happened at the Computer village in Lagos. The shop owners released the footage urging the public to help in identifying the young man.

Watch the video below:

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