Our dear Governor,Kindly permit my scant courtesy, its due to the sense of urgency with which am writing this letter. But this in no way undermine the fact that i hold you in highest regard as a working Governor of Nigeria’s Treasure Base.

My Governor, I am very led to write to you concerning the embarrassing state of Azuabie internal roads, permit me as i briefly introduce this town. Azuabie is one of Port Harcourt’s most populous towns, with over 60, 0000 residents. It’s located in the heart of ward 20, under Port Harcourt constituency III, with Hon Smart Adoki as our representative in the Rivers State House of Assembly.

His excellency, with due respect i want to categorically state here that Azuabie is the only town in Port Harcourt that has not benefitted from your 3 years old administration, most precisely in terms of infrastructural and Human Capacity developments. No single Constituency or State State project had come our way. I’m very open to be educated as regards my claim.

The roads in Azuabie are not pliable, it has been this way for donkey years. This is not only embarrassing but thought provoking. Residents(who of course added richly to your millions of votes) have always wondered the crime they committed that has resulted to this height of negligence.


These are few of our circular arguments;
1. Are Governor Nyesom Wike’s scheme of projects quite selective?If No, how come almost all towns in Port Harcourt have manageable roads, including Abuloma and Amadi, our closest neighbors, except Azuabie?
2. If your scheme of projects are selective, what have Azuabie town done to be excluded, even after giving you 97 percent of our votes?
3. How come Hon. Smart Adoki, who represents our constituency in the State House of Assembly has not done a single constituency project in Azuabie after winning our heart with tempting promises?
4. And finally, what should our reactions be as a united people, when it’s time to vote in leaders in 2019?

His Excellency, there is a golden and honourable chance to win our trust and respect; remorsefully fulfill your last promises to us. Fix the Azuabie internal roads. This has not only driven away lucrative businesses from our town, it has also put our health in outmost jeopardy.


Azuabie people will not call you Mr. Project for redoing Ogbunabali road or Iwofe road, we will only roll our drums for you when ours, which is currently the worst internal roads in Rivers State is done for the better.


It is with deep concern i tearfully write this unstructured and unplanned letter. Kindly put Azuabie town into urgent consideration, for we are too intelligent to re-elect leaders who paid less concern to our pressing need.

Please accept the assurance of my highest regard.
President, Creative Minds Group

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