Rotaractor Kennedy Brownson Reveals Shocking Secrets About Himself As He Clocks ..

20180904_195750.jpgBrownson Kennedy Dornubari

Brownson Kennedy Dornubari is a young Vibrant Nigerian Rotaractor. He’s a Jolly good fellow who has lived most of his life Serving Humanity. Kennedy is the Life of every Rotaract Fellowship  he attends. His love for Liquor is something else. And did I forget to mention….Today is His Birthday …CNB caught up with him earlier today.

Let’s meet you Mr.Kennedy

CNB:Please give us a brief Introduction about you.

KENNEDY :My name is Brownson Kennedy Dornubari, Born to the family of ASP and Mrs Brownson Poroakor. By his grace am the first child amongst four.

A native of Kereke-Boue of Khana local government area in Rivers State.

I hold a bachelors in Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering from the prestigious Rivers State University.

CNB:How old are you?

KENNEDY:Interestingly age is number and one of my greatest believe is that it doesn’t count neither is it a yardstick to any stage of life, this is my Silver Jubilee celebration.

CNB:Are you in a relationship?

KENNEDY:Life is about ups and down, the more you live the more you learn from every single stage of your negatively or positively. Am single but seriously searching with caution.FB_IMG_1536093628715.jpgKennedy and partners in service 

CNB.we found out that your life revolves around the Rotary club…Tell us about it and your Journey so far.

KENNEDY:If I want to start talking about my humanitarian nature/life and also my membership as a Rotaract indeed I doubt if I would have use the right words.

However, serving humanity that’s Rotaract business. And putting smiles on the faces of People I don’t know that are in need gives me utmost joy and keeps me going.

Meanwhile just as today marks my birthday same way it makes my 6th year Anniversary in the Rotary family.

In the Rotaract Club we are meant to serve and our service is above self. The journey to serve humanity is not all that of a sweet one because it requires the 3 most important thing of ones life (Time, Talent and Treasure). But believe me it profits most who serves best.FB_IMG_1536093719656.jpgKennedy and partners in service

CNB.what /who is your Inspiration?

KENNEDY :When we talk inspiration I strongly believe nothing inspires me more than life and it’s challenges.

To every category of my life I have different inspirators but let me make credit to God almighty, my beloved Parents and Family. Not to forget my Godfather Mr Tony E. Eteng.

Mostly importantly every single act of nature is an inspiration to me.

CNB:what project are you currently working on?What is your plan to move the Rotaract club Forward?


Currently i have a lot on my table that am working on but I plea to still keep them personal till it matures.FB_IMG_1536093645525.jpgJolly good fellow 

Obviously, I have served in different and various capacities in Rotaract most importantly as a President of one of the oldest Rotaract Club in Rivers State (Rotaract club of Rivers State University of Science and Technology) as it were. And also honoured as an Ambassador of Service in Anambra State University Uli.

And I believe at every stage I pass or encounter I try my best to drop solutions and plans towards the growth of each stage.

I can’t move Rotaract forward all alone but I strongly have this believe that if I move my Local Club (Rotaract Club of Port Harcourt Township) forward especially on the area of membership, then am really satisfied because that is were lays my last membership in Rotaract am moving to Rotary in no distant time.FB_IMG_1536093749125.jpgKennedy and some Muslims during the just concluded salah.

CNB:what’s your Ideal woman?

KENNEDY:Smiles…..Every woman is ideal but my *friend* is the best /ideal woman for me.FB_IMG_1536094574597.jpg    service

CNB: It’s your Birthday today,what are you grateful to God for and how do you plan celebrating it?

KENNEDY:God almighty I am grateful for the most precious and expensive gift he has given and will continue giving me *(LIFE).*

Everyday is my birthday but today is my born day I will hang out with the boys/few friends and do something very light.

CNB:If you are made the world president..what and what would you change?FB_IMG_1536094535518.jpgKennedy and International partners

KENNEDY:Irony of life.

Well since change is the only constant thing in life I would love to change the change.

CNB:10.What are your a)fears?
b)most Embarrassing moment?
c)The Happiest day of your life so far.


b)My 100level in school during clearance and medical, I lost my wallet with over #10,000 I had to beg a lady for assistance home.Interestingly the later became a family friend.IMG-20180904-WA0004.jpgTeam Inspiration

c)The day I Graduated .

Wow… It was really nice having you today..Thanks for Taking out time out of your busy schedule to grant this Interview . We do hope you have a wonderful Birthday ..God bless you .


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