Women Should Lay Their Salaries At The Feet Of Their Husbands — Nigerian Man Says..

20180909_115247.pngA Nigerian Guy identified as Sonu Mcghee on Facebook has taken to the platform to share the opinion that women should give their husbands their monthly salary.

Taking to a popular Nigerian Facebook group, Rant HQ to share his advise. he wrote:

“I see nothing wrong with that! For a lady to collect her salary and allowances then withdraw it from the bank and lay it down before her husband’s feet. That is a lady who has a quality home training.

Read some reactions from other social media users below:

Nkeiruka Chidi wrote: Stay at home daddy in the making…be ready to take care of the home front e.g. baby sitting,house chores, school runs etc while she works her ass out to fend for the family.

Okafor Kenechukwu Blessing wrote: Hmm! Ladies calm down oo. I read this comment severally b4 I am actually writing this. Most of us do this every month but yet we are here ranting just bc of the word dis guy used ” lay it at his feet”. But in the rare sense of it that’s what it sld be. When u indeed marry ur husband that’s the right thing to do. When u receive ur salary wether daily,weekly or monthly u table it b4 ur man and u two make plans togeda. As long as ur doing that he will unconsciously do same. U both plan what to do with d money and u both have a pocket money from there for all personal or family needs including ur extended family if need be. Marriage is sweet oo if we cld follow it biblically. But d world has become so evil and selfish,self centered that what this man wrote sounds gibberish. But sorry if ur hubby is an irresponsible drunkard sorry is ur name. Let’s think about it. In d real sense of husband and wife without ulterior motives u both sld know exactly what u both earn and make plans on that and yes the only way that can be done effectively is by laying ur salary or wage at his feetooo,table oo or we’re ever u choose. Wn money finish na him so dey provide till d next pay. No brain racking for u. No bi small thing oo. Oya ooo make una attack me now. 1 love
Sonu Mcghee

Nyela Maichibi wrote: It depends on the type of husband she has. U lay it down at a lazy ass man’s feet? U face d damn consequencies.

Regina Udeagwu wrote: Story, that was how Mr. BOYFRIEND told me to open a joint account with him and use his number for sms alert, that whenever I get my salary I should transfer it to d joint account eeh My ears stood up immediately as my Papa or what biko I no gree the next thing I heard from him was dat am not a wife material shuu who d material help.

Emem Ekpoh wrote: Absolute nonsense! I don’t mind using all to make up for whatever he gives but tabling it on his feet, hand, head or on whatever part of his body is an absolute No No!! Not even faking!!! Wetin naaa??!!!!

Okeke Kalu wrote: To me in the first place , she is not supposeto work ,but due to the situation of things she had to work it will be wickedness for you to expect her to lay her salary down at your feet , that is wife abuse work, lazy man work hard and comot your eye from your wife salary

Joy Odebe wrote: Thank God it is Sam e u dat says every generation is gonna keep changing….. My dear dis generation women don wise up. Wait for dat omoko of a wife u are referring to okay. Next Pls

Arogbonlo David Segun wrote: I trust my Nigerian ladies, they will do it without looking back, but only before a man they are sure is faithful, loving and godly; bros do you have all these, do you love her like christ do; even if she does, you will surely give her back most part to save for raining day.20180909_115203.png

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