Unbelievable: Dead Man Spotted Sitting On A Throne Like A King At His Own Funeral (Photos)

20180919_135627.png       The man was spotted on a ‘throne’

In what will come across as a shocking development, a dead man has been spotted sitting on a throne like a king during his own funeral.

The man was spotted on a ‘throne’
Photos have shown how a man was made to attend his own funeral sitting on a ‘throne’.

The man was dressed neatly and made to sit on a ‘throne’ at the funeral, looking like a king about to address his subjects.

The photos were shared on Facebook by his girlfriend.

“Baby daddy sitting up like tha king he is. Love ya baby” she captioned her post20180919_135109

In the photos, the man identified as Quincy Don Papa P, is seen dressed in a red attire with a crown placed on his head. The ceremony which held inTexas, USA, saw his family and friends in attendance.

Another Facebook user, Nafi Ali, shared photos from the event but had a different mindset. According to him, if he goes to a funeral and the dead person is not in a casket, he’s leaving the ceremony.20180919_135225

see photos :


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