PDP COYS Abia State Chapter Inaugurates Her Executives (photos)

IMG-20180930-WA0012Peoples Democratic Party Congress of Youths/Students  (PDPCOYS),Comprises of  Youths and Students across the Federation. Founded on the 17th Of April 2016 with 200 PDP Students and youths.

The Official Inauguration of Abia state PDP COYS took place on the 29th of September 2018 at Eldorado Hotel,Aba Abia state Nigeria.

Comrade Ezekiel Amaechi ,Abia State Coordinator PDP COYS Welcomed Everyone present .

20180929_161635Abia State PDP COYS coordinator and Founder/National Leader 

The Founder and National Leader (PDP COYS) MR.ALAZIGH FOWLER O. EMMANUEL said:

“PDP COYS is not Just a structure,It has come to stay.The Vision is not about Money,the Vision is to make sure there is good governance all over Nigeria. Democracy must strive in Nigeria.

The Founder and National Leader was genuinely happy for the Turn up and Urged the newly Inductees and PDP COYS not to despise the days of little beginning. “Be Committed and give your all ,The sky is your Starting point”

see photos :20180929_144955.jpg20180929_153333.jpg20180929_161635.jpg20180929_155945.jpg20180929_161742.jpg20180929_15594520180929_144900.jpg20180929_16172820180929_144949.jpg

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