You Can’t Meet With This Guy Without paying Some Amount That Starts With 200k(photos)

20181112_114826.pngBelieve it or not! This guy is now the biggest deal in town. I got to Umuahia at exactly 12pm today and was able to access him after 3hrs of waiting. The guy’s protocol and logistics nobi here ooo. Do you know he has a manager, PA and security now?. I was even instructed by his team to hurry up with my sartorial procedures as he had a show to attend in few minutes time. Anyone hanging out at “THE PLACE” Umuahia will confirm this information.

Let me burst your kidney now! Do you know that you can’t meet with this guy without paying some amount that starts with 200k negotiation with his team. Abraham Adims was there with me today and we almost got frustrated with the whole process. Mehn!!! Nobi small thing oooo.

However, we shall be partnering with Eze Jubilee of Eje Studios for a photo shoot that will be focusing on the importance of Education.

Let love lead ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A Facebook user poster this on his Facebook page. Read more

see photos


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