Kuwait To Jail Those Who Eat In Public During Ramadan

Jail,_prison_resources1_16a4a16575d_largeSecurity patrols to deploy in different areas to be on the look out for offenders.

Kuwait City: People eating in public during the days of the Muslim fasting of Ramadan in Kuwait risk jailing and a fine, a security official was quoted as saying on Monday.

In Ramadan, Muslims have to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn to sunset.

According to the Kuwaiti law, fast-breaking in public during this period is an offence punishable by a maximum one month in prison or a fine of 100 dinars, acting head of public relations at the Interior Ministry, Brig. Tawheed Al Kandari said, according to Al Anbanewspaper.

The law applies to Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Citizens and expats have to observe values, traditions and respect feelings of the fasters,” he added.

Oil-rich Kuwait is home to a large community of foreign workers.

Brig. Al Kandari also vowed a crackdown on beggars during the holy month in residential areas and marketplaces as well as outside mosques.

Charity and benevolence are landmarks of Ramadan.

“Mobile and immobile security patrols will be deployed in different areas to confront any phenomena that do not respect feelings of the fasting Muslims or values related to this sacred month,” the official said.


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